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Buck Pajero Sport 1 Stainless Steel

The Pajero Sport1 tank is the second most popular fuel tank among our products. Tank Pajero Sport1 Stainless Steel MR432105 MN120724 MR432106 MR512420 MN120734 MN120735 MR523098 MR473605 MN120722 MN120733 MR135507

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Technical characteristics of the tank:

MaterialStainless steel AISI-304 (GOST – 08Х18Н10) Capacity – 82 liters. Wall thickness1.2 mm. Weight – 13 kg. Petrol/Diesel – Yes Partitions No Fuel retaining cup Yes Drain plug Yes The thickness of the mounting brackets3 mm. Number of mounting points4 (original) Installation of native protectionNo Installation of the native fuel meter – Yes Installation of the native neck – Yes Installation of native intake Yes Fuel intake diesel made of stainless steel Yes Warranty – 5 years.

Reasons for the failure of the original Pajero Sport tank1

The original Fuel Tank Pajero Sport1 modifications K96W and K94W for cars with gasoline and diesel engines is made of black cold-rolled sheet steel. This fact undoubtedly reduced the cost of the fuel tank and probably lowered the cost of the SUV itself. But, from the point of view of durability and reliability of the tank, all the components and assemblies where the fuel falls, played a bad service.

As a rule, a tank leak makes itself felt after 12-15 years of car life.

Based on our experience, it is reliably known that in our climatic conditions the resource of the Pajero Sport1 tank is not enough for the entire life of the car.  The problem is the poor resistance of the tank walls to corrosion. Does not cope with the function of protection against corrosion and double-sided zinc coating of the tank, and the outer layer of paint. In short, the tanks on the Pajero Sport1 are rusting at almost the same speed as on the older counterparts of the Pajero.  The result of this chemical process, the scourge of the automotive industry, is always the same – a puddle of fuel leaking from the tank under the SUV. Pajero Sport Fuel Tank1 MR432105 MN120724 MR432106 MR512420 MN120734 MN120735 MR523098 MR473605 MN120722 MN120733 MR135507 The age of the Pajero Sport1 to which the disease called through corrosion comes depends on the habitat of the car and its service. As a rule, the leak of the tank makes itself felt after 12-15 years of the life of the car. For purchase of the Fuel Tank and consultation with us can be contacted through free applications : Viber WhatsApp

Buck Pajero Sport1. Stainless steel

Knowing the weaknesses of the original fuel tank design, we designed and manufactured the Pajero Sport1 fuel tank in stainless steel.

Delivery to Moscow takes One working day!

Distinctive advantages of the stainless steel tank produced by us are: First    The composition of the stainless alloy from which our tank is made includes chrome and nickel.  It is this steel that is colloquially called food. Thanks to these alloying elements, our tank has acquired excellent anti-corrosion properties and has become essentially eternal. Second The strength of the walls of our tank on the Pajero Sport1 is almost twice the strength of the native tank. Third Compared to all the tanks on the market, our fuel tank has increased in volume and its capacity is 82 liters. Tank Pajero Sports Stainless Steel MR432105 MN120724 MR432106 MR512420 MN120734 MN120735 MR523098 MR473605 MN120722 MN120733 MR135507 Fourth On all fuel tanks of our production, a drain plug has been introduced, which is not on plastic tanks! Fifth Our tank is supplied ready for use: no need to wash, blow or paint it! Fuel tank Pajero Sport. Stainless steel. Production of RB The sixth installation of our tank on the car is carried out on all standard mounting points using all native necks and branch pipes, which makes the procedure for replacing the tank simple and convenient. Tank replacement takes 2-3 hours. Seventh If necessary, we can assemble an installation kit for the car: "Tank-Fuel receiver-Filler neck". All stainless steel! Eighth Despite the increased volume of the tank, we kept the correct readings of the fuel level sensor. Ninth Regardless of engine type, our tanks are equipped with fuel retention baskets, which virtually guarantees a stable fuel supply to the engine at all fuel levels and angles of inclination of your SUV. tank pajero sport belarus Tenth All fuel tanks produced by us are available in stock in Minsk, and a flexible system of work with transport companies minimizes the delivery time of products to the buyer.  Delivery to Moscow takes one working day! Central European Russia 2-4 days. The eleventh cost of our stainless steel tank is much lower than the cost of the original tank. Fuel tank Pajero Sport 1 Stainless steel MR432105 MN120724 MR432106 MR512420 MN120734 MN120735 MR523098 MR473605 MN120722 MN120733 MR135507 Fuel tank Pajero Sport 1 Stainless steel Capacity 80 liters. All of the above characteristics put our Pajero Sport1 Fuel Tank in a leading position. Please note that the tank, as a rule, fails almost simultaneously with the fuel filler neck!

Before replacing the tank, be sure to check the condition of the fuel filler neck of your Pajero Sport 1

For those who are still in doubt, a link to our products on a Third-Party Resource

Buying a tank

For a detailed consultation and purchase of the tank, use free applications: Viber WhatsApp or feedback form. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also buy our products from us in Minsk or from our representatives outside Belarus.  CONTACTS We deliver our products to any city in Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan through Transport Companies.

Calculation of the cost of delivery of the Tank

To determine the cost of delivery of the fuel tank Pajero Sport1, use the calculator of the transport company.  In the fields, enter the required information below. And click the Calculate button.

Technical characteristics of the calculation tank:

City of departure- Minsk City of receipt – City where it is necessary to calculate delivery (Moscow Perm Ufa etc.) Dimensions – 100cm / 40cm / 40cm Volume – 0.16 meters cubic weight of the tank – 13kg. Payment for delivery upon receipt of the order in the Transport Company.

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