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And that for us Repair Pajero.

Pajero repair is something we do very well. We are a small group of specialists who have devoted more than 20 years to car repair and maintenance. Repair Pajero Minsk Troubleshooting any malfunctions. And we have been repairing SUVs for more than fifteen years. Mitsubishi Pajero occupies the lion's share in our fleet.  And accordingly, what is the repair of Pajero we know firsthand.

We know everything or almost everything about Pajero.

Repair of fuel equipment is our forte. In terms of the quality and speed of repair of Pajero fuel equipment, we occupy a leading position not only in our country, but also in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Any malfunction of your Pajero's Fuel Equipment will be corrected within one business day.

Constantly available – a large selection of injection pumps both used and restored with real warranty periods.   Stainless steel fuel tanks with a lifetime warranty on any modification of the third and fourth generation Pajero. The constant availability of a large selection of both original and licensed spare parts helps us to repair The Pajero in a short time. Also, I would like to mention here the Anti-Corrosion Treatment which helps Pajero to resist the conditions of our winter roads. And we are proud to offer one of the best machining options for the machine.

The geography of service is not limited to the Republic of Belarus. We successfully work with Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Ukraine. If you have a problem with your Mitsubishi Pajero, you are definitely welcome to us! Whatever happens to him, we can help.

And for the Pajero incapable of independent movement, we have a Tow Truck.

Our experience in repairing and servicing Pajero suggests that if you make a timely Diagnosis of your SUV, then you will not need our tow truck.


Pajero renovation takes up a large part of our lives. And the rest we spend on off-road competitions. The knowledge and skills gained during the work with SUVs help us in organizing the annual off-road adventure "Liqua", as well as to participate in other competitions. We will be glad to see you among our like-minded people


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