Stainless steel Pajero spare parts


Our company is pleased to offer you automotive spare parts made of stainless steel. Our main direction is the details for the SUVs of the Mitsubishi concern. Due to the properties of Stainless Steel, which we use in production, the parts produced by us have an almost unlimited service life.  In the design and manufacture of parts, we use our many years of experience in servicing and repairing cars. The range of spare parts is not limited to the Mitsubishi brand. Our Stainless steel spare parts catalog is constantly expanding. Below are links to stainless steel spare parts that have already been launched. Parts made of stainless steel have an almost unlimited service life.  And the original production technologies and bold design solutions allowed our products to compete in the spare parts market with more famous brands. Despite the high cost of stainless steel thanks to serial production and a flexible system of material procurement, we managed to offer not only almost eternal parts but also reasonable prices for them.

Fuel tanks from Pajero-Service-Minsk are already well known not only in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, but also in the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Moldova.

We are proud of what we are doing.  Thanks to our details, some "congenital diseases" of Japanese-made cars have been eliminated.  In the manufacture of parts, we use the most reliable and proven for decades technologies. A constant output control guarantees the constant quality of products. Please note that all the parts produced by us are ready for installation on the car and do not require any modifications. (fitting sink cleaning cleaning painting etc.) sealed parts correspond to the principle – Replaced and Forgotten. For questions about the purchase of our products, please contact us using the information on the CONTACTS page Delivery of spare parts is carried out with the help of the Transport Company to any city of the Eurasian Economic Union. And here is a direct review of our products from the owner of the Pajero. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them using the feedback form on the contacts page or get advice by calling.   Contacts

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