Pajero3 Pajero3 Engine Temperature Arrow

Pajero engine temperature arrow3. Reasons for the deviation.

If your Pajero has 3 arrows, the engine temperature spontaneously and spontaneously deviates from the operating temperature. And you changed the thermostat, the temperature sensor and God knows what. And your mechanic says it's time to remove the cylinder head…  Do not rush, we guarantee that an hour after the visit to us, the engine temperature needle as well as the fuel level needle in the tank will calm down and return to normal. Twitches arrow engine temperature Pajero 3 The problem lies in the dashboard. Do not confuse the overheating of the engine with the "glitch" of the dashboard. The main distinguishing feature of the "glitch" of the engine temperature arrow on the Pajero 3 is a very rapid change in the position of the arrow. In three and four seconds, the arrow can go into the red zone and just as quickly return to normal. At this speed, the engine is simply not able to change its temperature! Buggy Temperature Arrow Pajero 3 In addition, the real overheating of the engine is accompanied by characteristic signs: bubbling in the expansion tank with the release of antifreeze to the outside, crackling of the exhaust manifold, a decrease in power. If you do not observe these symptoms and the engine temperature arrow of your Pajero 3 abruptly changes its position, it is necessary to repair the dashboard. We will cope with this task in an hour in your presence. CONTACTS  

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