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Anti rust treatment

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Anti rust treatment compound

Our acquaintance with Swedish anti rust treatment  compounds began in the early two-thousandths. Since then, our attitude towards them has changed from skepticism and denial to recognition and respect. This anti rust treatment  compound actually works! The main distinguishing property of these compositions is Thixotropy, and simply speaking, non-drying! Even after five years, our composition applied to the body of the car is in a plastic state. This is the guarantor of the isolation of the metal from the environment and the oxidants that are in this environment.    These materials and without us very quickly conquered the market. No matter how good the atycorrosion composition is, its correct operation and durability depends on the preparation of the surface on which it will be anes (body and parts of the car).  Below are some of the rules that we follow when working.

Preparation for underbody anti rust treatment

I would like to note that we produce anti-corrosion treatment only with a complete disassembly of the machine.   Otherwise, it is simply impossible to penetrate in an SUV to places in need of protection.  And to process only where it is visible is not our method!

Anticor Pajero
Reliable Anticor requires disassembly, thorough washing and subsequent drying of the frame and body of the car. Using the example of the Pajero 3 process technology of 2003 release, we will try to show the scope of work. Based on which it is possible to calculate the amount of time required for high-quality anti-corrosion treatment. Any good anticore starts with disassembling the car. This is done both to assess the degree of damage to the body by rust, and for washing the body and bottom.  And of course for the possibility of applying anti-corrosion materials.

Dismantling is carried out:

Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Footrests (if any), Front Engine Protection, Middle Engine Protection, Transmission Protection, Fuel Tank (if there is corrosion), Fuel Neck Protection, Front Arch Protection, Headlights, Batteries, Battery Pads, Air Filter Housing, Decorative Engine Protection (under the hood), Hood Sound Insulation, Sill Plates, Arch Extenders (if needed), Spare Wheel. Wheels are dismantled Technological plugs of hidden cavities (thresholds, spars, racks, amplifiers, etc.).

Anti rust treatment Washing

Anti rust treatment. Body Washing
Anti rust treatment begins with a washing of the underbody.


After eliminating visible corrosion, the process of applying anticorrant begins. First, hidden and hard-to-reach cavities are treated. The last to be treated is the outer surface of the bottom. For these purposes, special original equipment specially designed for these purposes is used.

Car Anticor
Anticor car is produced by European materials.

Anticor is applied in several layers using a special gun. in a state heated to thirty to forty degrees (penetrating power improves) at a pressure of 10 atm. The procedure for applying the compositions is not described in detail intentionally. The consistency of the technique and the formulations used play a key role in obtaining reliable and long-lasting corrosion protection. The process of applying anti-corrosion compounds usually takes from one to two days!

Anticor Pajero
Mitsubishi Pajero rust protection
Reliable Anticore frame
Special equipment is used to apply the anti-corrosion compound.[ /caption] Immediately after processing, the build process begins. Upon completion of which the car is ready for operation.

The processing process takes from three to five days. Consequently, only such processing times can guarantee the quality of the work done. It is simply impossible to do this procedure faster without losing the quality of corrosion protection!

Anticor fuel tank Pageo
our anticore includes not only the treatment of the Body and Underbody of the Pajero. The fuel tank is treated in other words by parts that are subject to corrosion.
Anticor Pageo
Anticor car with complete disassembly.

And here’s what happens to the Mitsubishi  Pajero  if you don’t get the Anti-Corrosion Coating in time!  And that’s just one of the problems.

By clicking on the link below you can find out about the opinion of the manufacturer of anti-corrosion compounds Dinitroll on the need to process off-road equipment.   If you decide to provide reliable protection against rust to your off-road pet, then you are definitely to us! Contacts

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