Fuel tank Pajero 3 Pajero 3 Pajero 4 Pajero 4


Fuel tank Pajero 3 Pajero 4

Fuel Tank Standard

Photo tank diesel Mitsubishi 1700A927 1700A925 MR342850 1700A163 MR342853 1700A162 1700A926 1700A403 1700A404 1700A408 1700A402 1700A401 MR342842 MR342843 1700A398 1700A393 1700A916 1700A153 1700A152 1700A391 1700A392 1700A916 1700a917 1700A915
Stainless steel tank fits the Pajero with original numbers:1700A927 1700A925 MR342850 1700A163 MR342853 1700A162 1700A926 1700A403 1700A404 1700A408 1700A402 1700A401 MR342842 MR342843 1700A398 1700A393 1700A916 1700A153 1700A152 1700A391 1700A392 1700A916 1700a917 1700A915

Fuel Tank PRO

Tank Pajero 3 Pajero 4 Stainless Steel 1700A927 1700A925 MR342850 1700A163 MR342853 1700A162 1700A926 1700A403 1700A408 1700A402 1700A401
Fuel tank Pajero 3-4 Model-Pro. Diesel 5-door version. Increased capacity of 97 liters. Built-in fuel intake
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Stainless steel is an ideal material for the manufacture of fuel tanks. It is used in the most complex and demanding industries. Aviation, Medicine, Space, Marine, Chemical, Military Industry use this material as the most reliable and durable.  It is because of the excellent corrosion and strength properties that we produce the Pajero Fuel Tank from stainless steel. This material is used by us not only for Mitsubishi Pajero tanks of the third and fourth generations. Almost all products manufactured by our company are associated with stainless steel. In the video we talk about the design of the tank and fuel neck. It’s also about properly mounting these parts on your Pajero.

Specifications. Model-Pro:

MaterialStainless steel AISI-304 

Capacity long/short base  97/80 liters.   

Thickness1.2 mm.

Weight long/short base – 20/16 kg.   

Petrol/Diesel – Yes


Fuel retaining cup – Yes

Drain plug Yes

The thickness of the mounting brackets – 2 mm.

Number of mounting points – 6 (original)

Installation of native protectionYes (With trimming)

Installation of the native fuel gauge – Yes

Installation of the original neck – Yes

Installation of the native intake Yes

Fuel intake diesel made of stainless steel Yes

Warranty – 5 years.

Fuel Tank Pajero Stainless Steel Gasoline Long-Wheelbase Version MR342848 MR342852 MR342851 MN106066 1700A404 1700A687 1700A405 MR342855
Fuel tank Pajero Stainless steel gasoline long-wheelbase version

This fuel tank incorporates original design solutions. When designing the Fuel Tank on the Pajero from stainless steel, our many years of experience in the repair, operation and maintenance of the Pajero were used.  The wishes of the owners of these machines were not left without attention. Below we present a few advantages of our tanks over the original tank and tanks of other manufacturers.

First advantage

And the main thing is corrosion resistance! Our fuel tank will never rust! In fact, the tank of “stainless steel” is eternal. That is why we give a lifetime warranty on the resistance of the tank to corrosion. Neither aluminum nor iron can argue with stainless steel in resistance to oxidation. That is why they are additionally covered with a protective layer of paint!  The material from which our tank is made is used in the food and chemical industry and does NOT NEED any protection against corrosion!  I put it up and forgot it.

Fuel Tank Pajero 4 Stainless Steel Gasoline Diesel
Pajero Fuel Tank 4. Stainless steel. Lifetime warranty against corrosion.

Second advantage

Increased volume of 97 liters. In relation to the original , this is a significant increase. The rest of the tanks are smaller.

Tank Pajero MR342857
Five-door version of the Pajero 4 tank

Third advantage

 With a wall thickness of 1.2 mm. the strength of our fuel tank on all modifications of the Pajero is one and a half times higher than the strength of the original tanks.  And if we compare the strength of stainless steel from which our tanks and aluminum are made, the difference reaches THREE TIMES!    This gives a stainless steel tank an undeniable advantage when operating an SUV in difficult road conditions and off-road.

tank pajero petrol
Gasoline bersia tank Pajero 4 3.8

Fourth advantage

Pajero fuel tanks of diesel modifications do not need to install a native fuel intake. Our fuel tank comes with a high-alloy steel fuel intake and it doesn’t rust either!

Tank Pajero short
Three-door version of the Pajero 3 tank

Fifth advantage

Installation of the fuel tank is carried out on all points of the standard mounting of the Pajero.

Tank Pajero 3 Doors
Short-wheelbase version of the tank

Sixth advantage

The fuel supply and return pipelines are made of the same material as the tank. And they don’t rust either!

Tank Pajero MR342842 MR342843 1700A398 1700A393 1700A916 1700A153 1700A152 1700A391 1700A392
Diesel tank variant with integrated fuel intake

Seventh advantage

The design of the fuel intake excludes the blocking of fuel supply during deformation of the tank resulting from impacts on the tank by foreign objects. (borders, logs, stones, etc.)


Eighth advantage

Correct fuel gauge readings. The location of the fuel gauge in the tank and the height of its installation coincide with the original design. This ensures the correct reading of the fuel level indicator arrow on the dashboard.

Pajero Fuel Gauge Mounting Flange 3

Ninth advantage

Our  The fuel tank is equipped with a drain plug. This makes it easy to drain and replace low-quality fuel that has fallen into the tank. 


Tenth advantage

 Inside our fuel tank of any modification there are partitions. They are designed to reduce disturbances from inertial forces in the fuel when the tank is partially filled.    The second function of partitions is to increase the stiffness of the tank. This is deprived of the original Pajero tank, due to the production technology.

Tank Pajero 4 Stainless Steel Belarus Protection
Stainless steel fuel tank on Pajero 4 diesel 5 doors. Original protection is installed.

Eleventh advantage

On our tanks Pajero 3-4, all modifications, it is possible to install the original protection.  To mount the original protection, it must be trimmed!

Pajero Tank Wiring Harness Holder

Twelfth advantage

Our tanks are not banal copies. It is an independent product designed and manufactured for harsh climatic and operational conditions.  In their design, all the shortcomings of both the original and other tanks are eliminated.

"<yoastmark Buck Pajero
Pajero tank bottom 4 long version

Because of the above characteristics, the stainless steel fuel tank is a leader among all the variety on the market. According to the totality of properties, neither the plastic tank, nor the aluminum, nor the Chinese fakes are worthy competitors to our tanks! About the tanks from other cars supposedly suitable on the Pajero, we will simply keep silent!

Tank Pajero 3 Diesel MR342850 1700A163 MR342853 1700A162 1700A926 1700A403 1700A408 1700A402 1700A401
Tank Pajero 3 diesel

I would like to draw attention to the fact that each tank we produce undergoes an exit control procedure. One of the points of which is the pressing of the tank with pressure. That excludes the defect of the tank by leakage.

Pajero 3 petrol tank
Short version gasoline GDI

And the rest of the control points guarantee : That our tanks do not need any additional procedures when replacing! Such as Cleaning, Washing, Fitting, ETC. The clarity and clarity of the installation of our Pajero 3-4 Fuel Tanks allowed us to gain trust among Pajero owners and service workers. Our products are on the Drive2.ru

When replacing the tank, BE SURE to inspect the Filler Neck!

Further in the Video there are tips on how to properly install and connect the Fuel Tank on the Pajero of different modifications. We are talking about our stainless steel fuel tanks. (must watch!)

Pajero fuel tank. Long base.  Petrol. Pajero fuel tank. Short base. Petrol

Tank Pajero 3-4. Stainless steel. Model-Standard.

Tank Pajero made of stainless steel instead of the original MR342848 MR342852 MR342851 MN106066 1700A404 1700A687 1700A405 MR342855 MR342839 MR342838 MR342841 1700A394 1700A677 MR342857
Tank Pajero made of stainless steel instead of the original MR342848 MR342852 MR342851 MN106066 1700A404 1700A687 1700A405 MR342855 MR342839 MR342838 MR342841 1700A394 1700A677 MR342857

This model is designed for buyers seeking to minimize their pajero maintenance and repair costs.  Also, this model is suitable for customers for whom the identity and similarity of the new tank in comparison with the original are fundamental. The Standard model is available for purchase only in the long-wheelbase version of the Pajero.

Tank Pajero
Buck Pajero 3 Pajero 4 Standard.
Installation of native protection and all fuel fittings from the original

In the video we are talking about the fuel tank “Model Standard”. It describes the design features, as well as gives advice on replacing the fuel tank and proper installation of the fuel neck.

Technical characteristics of the tank.                    Model-Standard:

MaterialStainless steel AISI-430 (GOST – 08Х17)

Capacity   77 liters. 

Material thickness – 0.8 mm.

Weight – 12.5 kg.   

 Petrol/Diesel – Yes


Fuel retaining cup – Yes

Drain plug Yes

The thickness of the mounting brackets – 2.4 mm.

Number of mounting points – 6 (original)

Installation of native protectionYes. ( all mounting points)

Installation of the original fuel gauge – Yes

Installation of the original neck – Yes

Installation of the original intake Yes

Installation of native coup valves – Yes

Warranty – 2 years

Buck Pajero 3 buy
Installation of the original protection on the Tank Pajero 3. Model Standard. Drain plug. Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of this tank is the price. The low cost of this tank model is comparable to the cost of Chinese tanks stamped from black iron. The service life of which rarely exceeds 1-2 years. tank pajero Fuel tank Pajero 4 Model standard. Montage to replace the original. Without any alterations. Together with the low price, our tank remains a stainless steel fuel tank with excellent anti-corrosion properties.  In addition, the tank of the Standard model occupies an advantageous price position when compared with the Aluminum tank and the Plastic tank on the Pajero. Fuel tank Pajero 4 Fuel tank Pajero 3-4 Long base. Stainless steel. Belarus. It should be noted that when replacing the fuel tank, all the fittings from the old tank are used. No changes in the design of both the tank itself and the car are required.  And the tank itself is supplied in a ready-to-install form.

plastic pajero tank The model is a standard alternative to Plastic and Aluminum tanks. The tank is equipped with stainless steel tubes. Many of the advantages described in the previous section and related to the Pro Model can be attributed to the Baku Standard. These properties due to the similarity of the design principles of the tank inherited from its “Big Brother”.

Fuel tank Pajero Stainless steel. Buying.

To purchase our tanks, you need to contact in any convenient way for you from the below.  By calling us you will receive a detailed consultation on the acquisition, as well as the method of delivery of the tank to your city. For communication from abroad, it is better to use free services:






Pajero fuel tank. Delivery.

We deliver our fuel tanks to any region of Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. Not to mention the Baltic countries.

Pajero fuel tank. Original.



The Pajero fuel tank is a real scourge of the third fourth generation of these SUVs. This also applies to gasoline and diesel modifications. Despite the fact that the fuel tank was made using the same technology as the tank on the second problem-free generation of the Pajero. The unfortunate location of it on cars of the third fourth generation, leads to corroding and subsequent leakage.

Rust fuel tank
Leaked immediately after dismantling. Moreover, it is difficult to seal the leak (repair the fuel tank) with a guaranteed result. Tank corrosion is usually extensive and is found in different places! The tank, after cleaning it from rust, becomes like a sieve. And on gasoline versions, it’s just dangerous! "<yoastmark %d0%b1%d0%b0%d0%ba


The second but no less compelling reason for the failure of the fuel tank, to a greater extent this applies to the third-generation Pajero with a 4m41 diesel engine and it is more correct to say with the injection pump from ZEXEL type VRZ (these are all cars from 2000 to 2007), is the detachment of the anti-corrosion coating of the inner surface of the fuel tank!

Few owners know that they themselves make fuel tanks unusable!

Carried along with the fuel and circulating in the fuel system, zinc particles (which cover the tank from the inside) wear out friction vapors in the fuel pump and injectors. They have a catastrophic effect on the high-pressure section. Like a sandy one, it produces dosing edges. Which, in turn, leads to premature failure of the injection pump as a whole. There were cases when the mileage of the Pajero 3 with the replaced  new original fuel pump, but with the fuel tank not replaced, was 15,000 km. After that, the injection pump needed repair or replacement.

No methods of getting rid of the metallic abrasive in the fuel, except for replacing the tank, are the solution to the problem!

On the fourth generation of the Pajero, the problem of tank detachment is not so pronounced due to the greater reliability of the DENSO injection system. But, the premature failure of the fuel injectors and the pressure control valve in the injection pump is “all the same words from the same song”. Few of the owners know that they themselves make the fuel tanks unusable! From a great love for their Pajero, hearing somewhere that the weak point of their pet is the fuel system. They add to the tank all sorts of additives, improvers, cleaners and so on. Thus, starting the process of destroying the fuel tank, and then the fuel pump!

Pajero Fuel Tank Destroyer 3.2 DID

Tank destroyerFor example, from our experience it is reliably known that this Castrol in combination with diesel fuel, in one two applications can damage the coating of the tank!

Additives cannot be added to the fuel!

Relying on our many years of experience repairing and operating Mitsubishi Pajero. We declare that when peeling off the internal coating of the tank, you can forget about the large motor resource of the injection pump.   No methods of getting rid of the metallic abrasive in the fuel other than replacing the tank are the solution to the problem! Whether it is the installation of additional filters, cleaning the tank, its sandblasting painting, cooking with subsequent welding, etc. Checked!

New Pajero fuel tank

Which one to buy?

Buck Pajero 3

Tank epoxy resin glass fiber Poland. When replacing a tank, you need to consider that most of the used fuel tanks offered for sale are already problematic. The seller may not know about the defect of the tank! And the owner of the diamond changes his exfoliated tank to exactly the same tank, or even worse!

Fuel tank Pajero plastic

There should be a drain plug here. In plastic it IS NOT! Do not pin great hopes on the plastic tank produced in Poland. They are made by artisanal method from fiberglass and epoxy resin. Often Polish tanks leak already during installation. True, some owners are lucky and they avoid problems. With almost the same cost of the original tank and the artisanal Polish, is it worth the risk?

The entire range of fuel tanks is available in stock 

Special mention deserve tanks from China! Not only that, they are not processed from the inside at all (bare iron)! Already at the time of purchase, there are foci of corrosion. So they also differ in geometric dimensions from the original. They are lower by 40 mm. Hence the inability to put a native fuel intake.

Fuel tank China

Fuel tank China. A washer on a large hole is clearly visible compensating for the small height of the tankIt should also be remembered that gasoline and diesel tanks are different. Not interchangeable and the tanks from the long and short version of your Pajero. For a detailed consultation and order, use the free applications:




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Tank Pajero stainless steel. Owner’s review.

More detailed photos of our stainless steel fuel tanks can be found in

The Tank Gallery.

Owners of Pajero who, in addition to the fuel tank, need to repair the injection pump should read the following pages of our website. On them we describe in detail the malfunctions of the Pajero 3 fuel pump and the reasons for their appearance.  As well as methods of dealing with them.

Repair Injection Pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel 2000-2007

Adjustment Injectors Pajero 3.2 DID

Filler Neck Pajero 3.4 Pajero 3.4

And clicking on the links below you can examine some typical malfunctions of the Pajero SUV:

Replacement of the Pajero hub bearing 3, 4.

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Pajero3 Engine temperature arrow Pajero3


Below is a list of some of the parts produced by our company:

Fuel tank Pajero 2 Stainless steel

Tank Patrol Y60-Y61

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