Diagnosis of Pajero.

Diagnosis of Pajero. Easy and simple

I would like to write a few words about why Pajero Diagnostics is an easy and exciting process for us. Like any car, the Pajero has some specific design features. Just like every person has character traits.

Comprehensive Pajero Diagnostics is more useful before buying an SUV than after it!

Knowing these features (and we know them thanks to extensive experience with Pajero), we can accurately diagnose almost any breakdown of your Pajero without wasting time. We usually make a diagnosis before you have finished describing the symptom of a malfunction. 🙂 When diagnosing a Pajero on the owner's complaint for example: "Rapid loss of freon from the air conditioner." We, first of all, will check the place where the leak usually occurs, and with almost one hundred percent certainty, we will find it! And we will be able, if the owner wishes, to eliminate this malfunction, without wasting time on additional diagnostic procedures! No we are not great Goodwins. It's just that we have been working with The Pajero for a long time and we know perfectly well all the weak points in the design of this car. We also have a comprehensive Pajero Diagnostics. This is a standard procedure for us, which includes the control and verification of the Pajero on more than eighty points. It takes about two hours. Having produced it we are able to conclude how much the owner loves his car and how he follows it. He complies with routine maintenance completely or saves on something. After the Comprehensive Pajero Diagnosis, we usually answer a number of questions of interest to the owner, such as: Why do the drive belts squeak? Where does the antifreeze from the radiator and the oil from the automatic transmission "go"? Why does water appear in the fuel filter and oil under the front bumper? Why do the engine and all-wheel drive malfunction lamps light up? Etc. Comprehensive Pajero Diagnostics is very useful before purchasing a car. thanks to her you can learn more about the technical condition of the SUV and the accuracy of its previous owner. We especially like to diagnose Pajero after the car has been on a non-core service. The owner there was assured that his pet was fine! And we find and find. Because we know where and what to look for. Contacts

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