Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel 2000-2007

Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel. Introduction.

This is now a phrase -Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID does not cause a nervous grin of owners of Pajero 3 with a 4m41 engine. And about 10 years ago, the need for such repairs shocked both by its cost and the inability to get high-quality service. Repair Injection Pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel Me190711

Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel. Wear of the high-pressure section.

As a result of the wear of the high-pressure section, regardless of what caused this wear, mainly through the increased clearances of the pump section, high-pressure fuel leaks into the low-pressure injection pump cavity. As a result, a decrease in the cycle feed and the impossibility of its adjustment by means of the system (lack of feedback on the cycle feeding). An increase in the gaps in the shaft-bushing pair, based on the laws of physics, occurs when the temperature increases. This means that the maximum loss of cycle supply will be felt to a greater extent at elevated fuel and ambient temperatures. Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel Me190711 plunger In other words, your Pajero 3.2 DID begins to start for a long time, twitch and even stall. Then it starts again for a long time until the starter burns out or the battery runs out.   This symptom progresses precisely in hot weather and with full warm-up. This happens precisely because of the loss of cycle feeding at idle. Of course, you can pour cold water on the injection pump with cold water from the kettle, change the setting of the resistor of the gas pedal, simulate the low temperature with coolant sensors, fuel and air, put a fuel radiator (we saw this). Go to the "almighty kulibins". You can do whatever you want, but your Pajero will still stall and twitch at idle until you sell it or repair the injection pump. Repair Injection Pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel Me190711 Bearing

Pajero owners from Russia! We offer you the possibility of remote repair of the injection pump. You send the faulty fuel pump to the Shipping Company and a few days later you get it back in good condition.

CONTACTS We guarantee that by repairing the Injection Pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel we will find the cause of wear of the high-pressure section in your injection pump. And not only will we change the parts that create high pressure (in simple use the plunger, although in fact there are two of them) but we will find and eliminate the cause causing rapid wear of the high-pressure section in the injection pump. There are several reasons leading to rapid wear. Here is one of them. But far from the only one! That's why we strongly advise you to approach the Repair of the Pajero 3 3.2 DID injection pump through the prism of the whole car. Of course, we will repair the injection pump you removed yourself. But in this case, we will not have before our eyes the entire "medical history" of your Pajero. In this case, it is very difficult to give guarantees for the entire fuel system. The perfect option is to deliver your Pajero to us. For those unable to move independently, we have a Tow Truck Repair Injection Pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel Me190711 GE CONTACTS

Repair of injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel. Failure of the injection advance system. Theory.

Here's another type of breakdown. It usually happens on the third fourth day of severe frosts (-20 and lower Celsius). Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel Me190711 Clutch-advance-ignition "Thanks to" its designs, the Pajero 3.2 DID injection pump was very fastidious to the fuel flow at the pump inlet. With its intermittent component in the injection pump itself, pulsating forces of large magnitude can occur, which are able to disable the fuel injection advance system. Which is often what happens. Under the influence of these forces, as a rule, the leash (spike) of the ignition advance clutch breaks off, which is a catastrophic breakdown for the rest of the parts of the injection pump. Moreover, the injection pump instantly ceases to perform all its functions. And then serves as ballast on the engine. Valve-Advance-Injection-Injection Pump-Pajero-3.2-DID-ME190711

Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel. Failure of the injection advance system. Practice.

The harbinger of a breakdown is a slight loss of power. Pajero is kind of "dumb". This is the first sign of a difficult supply of fuel to the injection pump as a result of clogging the filter elements with paraffins contained in the fuel. It's not just the main filter under the hood! The fuel tank also has a filter.

We will repair your Pajero 3 in one working day. Whatever breakdown in the fuel system occurs.

Just before the breakdown, a strong but short knock from the injection pump is heard. Further, the motor stalls and no longer starts. When trying to start, the engine "grabs" one two cylinders but does not go to a stable idle. At the same time, abundant white and blue smoke comes from the exhaust pipe! In this situation, not every Pajero owner will correctly understand what happened to the car.   Usually the car is pulled into a warm garage and begin to warm up by all known means. Here the additive that destroys it and gasoline and kerosene are poured into the tank. They try to start the motor on the air. Start the engine from the tug. If the ignition timing clutch in the Pajero 3.2 DID injection pump breaks, the result will be one- The engine will not start! Details-Injection Pump-Pajero-3.2-DID-ME190711-17-1.jpg File Type: image/jpeg Now the most important thing! The longer you try to start the engine, the more expensive it will cost to repair the injection pump of your Pajero. Fragments of the clutch (quite large and hard) travel along the injection pump causing severe damage to its surviving parts. The sooner you realize that the pump has failed, the cheaper it will be to restore it! Every engine turn is important! Repair kit Injection pump Pajero 3.2-DID ME190711 The provoking factor of breakdown is the operation of the Pajero in winter on a summer grade of fuel, irregular replacement of the fuel filter, ignoring the lamp "Check engine" indicating the presence of error No. 25 Malfunction of the piston position sensor ahead. Sensor-TPS-Injection Pump-Pajero-3.2-DID-ME190711.jpg Failure of the ignition timing clutch happens not only in winter.   We know cases of clutch failure during a banal replacement of the fuel filter! Be sure to remove air from the fuel filter! (On the filter housing there is a fitting with a hexagon for 10). Part-Injection Pump-Pajero-3.2-DID-ME190711 KONTAKYOU

Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel. Prophylaxis.

There are many more typical fuel pump failures on the Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 DID. They do not occur so often and it makes no sense to describe them in detail here. Centralization-GE-Injection Pump-Pajero-3.2-DID-ME190711.jpg Here is the page with all the trouble codes of this engine management system. Trouble codes A few words I want to say about the prevention of injection pumps on the Pajero 3 DID. To extend the life of the fuel pump, it is not superfluous to add any mineral oil to diesel fuel (in the tank when refueling). The optimal concentration of oil should be between one and two percent. For 100 liters of diesel fuel 1-2 liters of oil. The oil can be motor hydraulic push-pull. It is especially important to use oil in regions where there is a risk of refueling with low-quality diesel fuel! The very fact of adding oil to diesel fuel does not exclude the possibility of pump failure! Oil sealSTVD-Pajero-3.2-DID-ME190711.jpg Oil dissolving in fuel increases its lubricating properties. This is the only reason why we recommend adding oil to the fuel. Many Pajero owners believe that adding oil to the fuel tank they are insured against breakdowns of the injection pump and can safely refuel with poor-quality fuel. It's not that!   The oil does not remove impurities and water, does not reduce the temperature of paraffin deposition does not filter zinc from the tank and does not exclude breakdown and, as a result, repair of injection pump Pajero 3 DID. Oil seal-priming-pump-injection pump-Pajero-3.2-DID-ME190711.jpg CONTACTS

Not only Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel.

We are not only repairing injection pumps on the Pajero. We are rebuilding the fuel system in the complex of the car. Pump-Injectors-Turbine-Fuel Tank. Whatever then turned out like Zhvanetsky- "We sewed buttons, and what in general turned out does not interest us!" Filter-Mesh-Injection Pump-Pajero-3.2-DID-ME190711.jpg We are interested in what happens in general! And we are interested in the positive emotions of our customers. Therefore, we recommend using an integrated approach to the repair of the Pajero 3.2 DID injection pump. And in general any fuel system on any generation of Pajero. It's just the nodes that are separate, and they work together. Repair injection pump Pajero me190711 Very often you have to see the results of the repair of the injection pump by other services with the declared adjustment of the injection pump on the stand! Excessive opacity (black, white, gray) insufficient power, extraneous noise, premature failure of the injection pump. This is not a complete list of flaws in Pajero 3.2 DID with which we are fighting quite successfully. Repair Injection Pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel Me190711 Pigtail Wire Thanks to our experience, we are able to adjust the injection pump (after the stand, under the technical condition of your Pajero) the result will be an increase in engine power above the manufacturer's declared. The main thing is not to turn the gimbal! The rear by the way on the Pajero 3 is fiberglass. Repair Injection Pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel Me190711 Valve Bolt Repair injection pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel Me190711 shut-off valve Repair Injection Pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel Me190711 Sprayers CONTACTS

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