Repair injection pump zexel Pajero 2 4M40 4D56T 1993-2000

Pajero 2. Repair of Zexel injection pump in Minsk.

If we compare the reliability of the second and third generation Pajero diesel fuel systems, the head unit of which is the Zexel injection pump, it becomes clear that the reliability of the Pajero 2 fuel system is several times higher than the third-generation Pajero fuel system .

The engine starts perfectly after a long parking.  Works for half a minute, begins to "triple" and stalls.

But despite this, the Pajero 2 1991-1999 release has a number of problems, the solution of which will be the Repair of the Zexel injection pump. The main malfunction of the fuel system in the Pajero 2 is evidenced by the symptom known to many owners.   The engine starts perfectly after a long stay (night, week) at any ambient temperature. It works great for about thirty seconds, after which it begins to "triple" with white smoke from the muffler and after another thirty seconds it stalls. The next start of the engine occurs after a minute scroll of the starter! The engine "grabs" for a long time and finally starts. Then it works flawlessly for as long as you want! Until the owner of the Pajero turns off the engine overnight. The next morning, it will all happen again. Repair of injection pump Zexel Pajero If your Pajero has similar symptoms, with almost one hundred percent certainty, we can say : It is necessary to repair the Zexel injection pump that your Pajero is equipped with. To do this, it is necessary to dismantle the injection pump from the engine.

We are guaranteed to repair the injection pump within one working day.

There are a few more typical malfunctions of the second-generation Pajero Fuel System that we are successfully fighting. This is Black smoke from the muffler with insufficient engine power, this is the leakage of diesel fuel from various seals of the injection pump and just low power without any additional anomalies. We know how to defeat a bad start of the engine in severe frosts, when the engine starts and immediately stalls. Can't get a steady idle. Plunger injection pump Zexel Pajero 2 Often there is a need to adjust the setting parameters of the Zexel injection pump, both with the removal of the injection pump from the engine and without. After adjusting the Zexel injection pump on the stand, we make an additional adjustment of the pump to the actual parameters of the engine and fuel system.   We do everything to make you happy with your Pajero. CONTACTS

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