Pajero Nozzle Adjustment 3.2 DID

On the engine 4M41 from 2000 to 2007, mechanical two-stage injectors were installed. And that is why the adjustment of the third-generation Pajero nozzles is not as simple a procedure as it seems at first glance.

The cause of premature failure of the toliver injectors on the Pajero 3 may be the poor quality of diesel fuel

In the process of work, there is wear of rubbing parts and shrinkage of the springs of the injectors. Also, there is wear of the locking area of the needles of the nozzles. Because of this, the nozzle goes out of its norms for the opening pressure of both the first and second stages. And as a result of cavitation wear of the holes of the sprayers, the shape and direction of the spray torch changes. Pajero 3 nozzle adjustment All this leads to tangible changes in engine operation. This is an increase in fuel consumption and the appearance of excessive smoke of the exhaust and a decrease in power. Usually, the effects of nozzle wear begin to appear on the Pajero 3 after two hundred thousand kilometers. But they can make themselves felt much earlier! The reason for this may be the problem of the fuel tank and the poor quality of the fuel. If the above symptoms appear, we recommend diagnosing the fuel injectors of your Pajero. If problems are detected, make a replacement or repair. Pajero 3 nozzle adjustment Remember that after replacing any part in the fuel injector (sprayers, springs, pusher pins), it is necessary to adjust the Pajero injectors according to the opening pressure thresholds of the first and second stages with visual control of the torch parameters. CONTACTS

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