Replacing the Pajero Hub Bearing 3, 4.

Replacement of the Pajero hub bearing 3, 4 .

Replacing the third-fourth generation Pajero hub bearing is a challenge. The fact is that structurally the bearing of the hub (hub assembly) is mounted in a trunnion using a fit in tension. That is, the outer diameter of the hub bearing is a few hundredths of a millimeter larger than the hole in which this bearing is installed. A press is used to carry out the installation and dismantling of such connections. Replacement of the Pajero hub bearing Note that it will not be possible to remove and put back the bearing of the Pajero 3, 4 hub without damaging it! This part is disposable.

Without special equipment, damage to the trunnion is almost guaranteed!

It will not be superfluous to say: not only that the bearings differ in the rear from the front. So they are also different generations of Pajero. And not on all modifications. Therefore, before the process called replacing the Pajero wheel bearing, it is not enough not just to make the right choice of the hub manufacturer, as well as not to make a mistake with the choice of applicability for a particular car. The latter applies mainly to owners of the fourth generation Pajero. But there are "jambs" with the third Pajero. Replacement of the Pajero hub bearing A few years ago, pajero 3 4 owners didn't have to choose for a long time which hub bearing to buy to replace it. There was only one bearing option on the market. Original. For reference, the original part is a part installed at the manufacturer's factory. Under such conditions, the replacement of the Pajero wheel bearing excluded the use of parts of dubious quality. Whether it's the present tense! The cost of hubs starts well, just with "ridiculous" values. True, the mileage of the Pajero with a new inexpensive hub bearing rarely exceeds ten thousand kilometers. And the process called replacing the Pajero wheel bearing has to be repeated. Sometimes more than once. Smoothly rising up in value and eventually coming to the same original. Of course, not many people like this.

Replacement of the Pajero hub bearing. Reasons for a small resource.

Pajero wheel bearing Owners usually sin on the "crooked hands" of mechanics who damaged the bearing and other parts when replacing. And often not without equipment…   After all, the procedure for replacing the hub bearing requires a lot of disassembly operations. And the actual replacement time of the spike in a whole working day or even two, against the promised "couple of hours" only adds fuel to the fire! Wheel bearing Pajero 3 Indeed, the procedure of pressing the same connection into tension requires special devices, without which it is often necessary to change not only the bearing, but also the trunnion. And sometimes along with the semi-axis. Not every mechanic will have the right rigging. And without it, the probability of damage to parts is very high.

Inexpensive (not original) hub bearings are destroyed already at a mileage of 10,000 km.

Often, owners do not immediately realize that with their pet "got sick bearing". And the ABS lamp informs them about this treacherously lit up after learning that the abs sensor of the "sick" wheel ceased to exist, cut by the crown of the signal segment pressed on the CVS. And if the flashing lamp did not force the owner to drive to the service station, then the grinding of the sawn teeth of the same segment against the body of the trunnion of the rotary fist will make this happen. Bottom line: replacement of the hub bearing, ABS sensor, joint, in the most neglected cases and brake caliper. So it turns out, not everything is so simple with hub bearings on the Pajero. Replacement of the Pajero hub bearing We guarantee that within three hours your Pajero will be guaranteed to have a high-quality hub bearing with an estimated operating mileage of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. After all, we have done this more than one hundred times. Experience is a great thing. And you will forget about the problems associated with the hubs on your Pajero for a long time. KONTAKTA

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