Engine tray Pajero Sport 1, L200


Along with the problem of leaking fuel tanks, owners of SUVs are often faced with the fact that the oil pan of the Pajero Sport 1, L200 diesel engine is leaking. In the line of our stainless steel products appeared oil pan diesel engine 4D56T Pajero Sport1, Mitsubishi L200.

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  • Material of manufactureStainless steel AISI-430 (GOST -12Х17)
  • Wall thickness1.2 mm
  • Welding type – TIG (argon arc welding)
  • Weight – 2 kg
  • Oil reflective screen – Yes
  • Mounting flange thickness2 mm
  • Installation on all OEM mounts and hosesYes
  • Warranty – 5 years

Interchangeable with the numbers: md359774 md377661 1200a258 md341418 md328017 md316666 md371263 Suitable for the original on Mitsubishi Pajero Sport1 4D56T Diesel 2500 1996-2006 and Mitsubishi L200 4D56t Diesel 2500 1996-2007

Leaked engine tray Pajero Sport 1, L200, Diesel 4D56T.

Mitsubishi engine pan. Interchangeable with md359774 md377661 1200a258 md341418 md328017 md316666 md371263 It is quite difficult to diagnose an oil pan leak right away due to the lack of direct access to it. Thus, the focus of damage to the pallet by corrosion can reach an impressive size before it is diagnosed by the owner or master. Typically, this happens when oil loss cannot go unnoticed by the owner of the SUV. Mitsubishi md359774 md377661 1200a258 md341418 md328017 md316666 md371263 P4DPS1 Repairing the original pallet is a very time-consuming and unresponsive process. This is due to the fact that the original part consists of many layers of iron, which at the time of repair are well impregnated with machine oil. This makes the welding process difficult.

Engine pan Pajero Sport 1, L200. Advantages

Pallet Pajero Sport1 4d56t L200 P4DPS1 Our oil pan engine Pajero Sport 1, L200 is made of stainless steel grade AISI 430, which has good anti-corrosion properties. While the original is made of sheet iron, subject to corrosion. AISI 430 is a stainless steel with optimal performance and technical performance. Due to its resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage, this alloy is widely used in various industries, including the chemical industry and mechanical engineering. Pallet Pajero Sport1 4d56t6 It should be separately noted that the oil pan engine Pajero Sport 1, L200 produced by PajeroServiceMinsk is installed on the standard mounts and hoses. Equipped with an oil-reflecting screen. Pallet Pajero Sport1 L200 4d56t Diesel We will deliver the engine pan L200, Pajero Sport1 throughout Russia, as well as to Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Baltic countries, etc. We work with various transport companies. Delivery time in the Central part of Russia is 4-5 days. Delivery time to Moscow is 1-2 days. Calculate the cost of delivery: "transportation calculator"

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