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We are glad to present you the novelty of our production is the Pallet engine Pajero 3-4 with a diesel engine 3200 cm3. made of stainless steel, instead of the leaky original. Pajero Motor Pan 4M41 Stainless Steel ME203659 ME193733 ME193736 1200A348 1200A423 1200A421

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Causes of pallet failure on the Pajero

The pallet of the Pajero engine of the third fourth generation with a 4M41 diesel engine, like many other parts located on the bottom of the SUV, are subject to corrosion.  The result of this chemical process usually makes itself felt suddenly. Oil leakage from the engine increases quite quickly. ME203659 ME193733 ME193736 1200A348 1200A423 1200A421 In one two days, about a liter of oil is poured out of the Pajero engine. The leak is detected from a hole or several holes rotten under the thermal and sound insulation carefully covering a good half of the pallet of the Pajero engine. And thereby hiding the real state of the engine crankcase from the eyes of the owner and mechanics servicing the car.

Hermetically sealing or sealing a native Pajero pallet is an almost impossible task

This disease affects mainly Pajero over ten years of age. But there are rots of the pallet and on younger specimens. It all depends on the operating conditions.This is one of the difficult to diagnose and serious breakdowns of the Pajero. Pallet engine pajero buy Severity also adds to the price of the new original pallet on this engine. In equivalent, the original pallet on the Pajero diesel engine costs about four hundred US dollars. Not rosy, as a rule, look and the delivery time of this part to the buyer – about a month! And the oil from the Pajero pallet is flowing today. pajero engine tray 4m41 stainless steel

Methods for eliminating the leakage of the Pajero engine tray

At least at the time of writing this article, the situation is bad with both the facial details and the Chinese ones. They simply don't exist. So the owner of the Pajero has to choose between looking for a used pallet on the rzbork or patching his old one.

The stainless steel Pajero engine tray will never rot!

But sellers on disassembly do not willingly agree to disassemble serviceable engines and if they agree, then you still need to look for a pallet without foci of corrosion! ME203659 ME193733 ME193736 1200A348 1200A423 1200A421 Those who decide to weld the pallet with welding or seal it opens another problem. The pallet on the Pajero is made of several layers of iron of small thickness. The multi-layer design probably simplifies its manufacture. But in terms of restoring the tightness of the pallet turns this task into hell for the welder.  After all, it is almost impossible to remove old oil between the walls of the pallet. It constantly interferes with its boiling and fading in the area of the welding bath. No less problematic and the thickness of the walls of the pallet in some places it does not exceed 0.5 millimeters. It's not an easy task to weld for tightness. Motor pallet Pajero 4M41 new stainless steel. Engine tray 4m41 pajero stainless steel. An eternal pallet. Not the best results are given by the test to seal the resulting hole in the Pajero pallet.  Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the sealing compounds and walls of the pallet. As well as all the same small thickness of the walls of the pallet and oil between them. The leakage of oil will not be long in coming. And the owner of the Pajero will again have to solve the same problem …

Pajero engine pan. Stainless steel

In connection with all of the above and to simplify the life of Pajerodovs, we designed and made it possible to buy an almost eternal pallet. engine tray pajero stainless steel The engine tray is stainless steel. The native volume of oil is preserved. We are pleased to offer you a Stainless Steel Pajero Engine Tray!  Our pallet has the most important quality. It is not subject to corrosion and, accordingly, will never rot. Thus, it will solve the problem forever!

The pallet of the Pajero engine made of stainless steel is installed in the regular place and does not need protection against corrosion.

Please note that these are not Chinese products. Our Pallet is made in the Republic of Belarus. It is made of food grade stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2 millimeters. This guarantees resistance to any kind of corrosion that may occur during the operation of your Pajero. Pallet 4m41 pajero diesel Welding the seams of the Pajero pallet 4 . Stainless steel. The design of our pallet has oil-calming partitions and a drain plug.  The stainless steel pan is installed on the engine without any alterations and fittings. Also, our pallet does not need any treatment against corrosion. What can not be said about the rest of the nodes and details of the Pajero. By clicking on the link you will be able to get acquainted with the Customer Review about our pallet. engine tray pajero stainless steel Motor pallet 4m41 of any year of release. production Belarus.
Stainless steel. For purchase and consultation use Viber request WhatsApp message or any method of communication by going to contact us fuel tank Pajero stainless steel Pajero fuel tank, Stainless steel. Production Republic of Belarus. For reliable corrosion protection of the native Pajero pallet and the entire car as a whole, we recommend that you perform anti-corrosion treatment of your Pajero. It doesn't matter how old it is or what kind of mileage it is! On these links you can find out what other stainless steel parts we produce for Pajero SUVs. And not just for them. Fuel Tank Pajero 3 Pajero 3 Pajero 4 Pajero 4 Filler Neck Pajero Sport Fuel Tank Pajero Sport 1 Fuel Tank Pajero Sport 2. Fuel tank Pajero 2 Stainless steel Tank Patrol Y60-Y61 Tank Pajero Stainless steel. Gallery of tanks. For many years we have been repairing Pajero SUVs and we know everything about them. Or almost all. Repair of Pajero of all generations. Minsk

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