Tank Patrol Y60-Y61


Tank Patrol Y60 Y61. Stainless steel

Our company tries to keep up with the times and offers customers relevant and popular products in the spare parts market.  Tank Patrol stainless steel, in the everyday life of stainless steel, has replenished the range of fuel tanks offered by us for sale. Tank Patrol Y60 Y61 Stainless steel 7202VB000 17202VB301 17202VB800 17202VD20A 17202Vc700 17202VD22A 1720207J00 1720207J01 1720239J60 1720239J70 17202VB001

Technical characteristics of the tank Patrol Y60 Y61

Material: Standard – Stainless steel. steel AISI-430 (GOST – 08Х18) PRO – Stainless steel. steel AISI-304 (GOST – 08Х18Н10) Capacity – 115 liters. Wall thickness: Standard – 0.8 mm. / PRO – 1.2 mm. Weight : Standard-9 kg. / PRO-14 kg. Petrol/Diesel – YES Partitions – No Fuel retaining cup – YES Drain plug – YES The thickness of the mounting brackets – 2.5 mm. Number of mounting points – 4 (original) Installation of native protection – YES Installation of the native fuel gauge-intake – YES Installation of the native neck – YES Guarantee: Standard – 2 years / PRO – 5 years. Fuel tank Nissan Patrol Y60 Y61 stainless steel 7202VB000 17202VB301 17202VB800 17202VD20A 17202Vc700 17202VD22A 1720207J00 1720207J01 1720239J60 1720239J70 17202VB001

Buck Patrol description

We are proud to note that our fuel tanks continue to occupy a leading position among stainless steel tanks for SUVs in the market of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Our production is located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. PSM Tank Patrol Y60 y61 Stainless steel We manufacture tanks from stainless cold plates using TYG welding technologies with subsequent crimping. We strictly adhere to the standards for the manufacture of stainless steel automotive parts. This guarantees the high quality of the products.

Our tanks are ready for installation and do not require any additional labor such as cleaning, painting, fitting!

In terms of corrosion resistance, our tanks are ten times higher than the requirements of automotive industry standards.

Advantages of our Patrol tank

Fuel intake Patrol diesel

The first advantage of the tank Is the corrosion resistance of the tank. The material from which the tank is made guarantees a long service life of the product. It far exceeds the estimated period of operation of the car. Connection of the stainless steel tank The second advantage is the installation of the fuel tank under the original protection. The design of the tank allows you to install the original (native) protection of the tank. This undoubtedly increases the chances of protecting the patrol tank even under the most difficult operating conditions. Plus, the appearance of the bottom of the SUV remains close to the original. The third advantage is drain plug. Draining sludge or low-quality fuel from our tank is a simple and easy procedure. This requires no action other than unscrewing the drain plug. The position of the plug coincides with the technological hole in the tank protection. Fuel drain tank stainless steel The fourth advantage is the increased volume of the tank. The capacity of our Fuel Tank is 110 liters, which is 15 liters more than the original. Stainless steel tank fastening The fifth advantage is the installation of the original fuel intake.  Our tank allows the possibility of installing both the original and fuel intake of our production of stainless steel. In both versions, the correct readings of the fuel level in the tank are maintained. The sixth advantage is the ease of installation. When replacing the original tank with a tank of our production, you do not need to purchase additional parts. All the fittings from the old tank fit the new patrol tank. And the tank itself is installed on all original mounting points. This facilitates the replacement process and reduces the likelihood of error due to the human factor to a minimum.  Replacement of the tank can be made by the owner's own efforts without the involvement of car repair shops. Fuel intake patrol Y60 Y61 stainless steel 25060VB402 25060VB40A 25060VB40E 25060VB410 25060VB412 25060VC700 25060VC70A 25060V71A 2506007J00 2506034J00 2506037J00

Buying Tank Patrol Y60-61

For a detailed consultation and purchase of our tank, use the free services:


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We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also buy our products from us in Minsk or from our representatives outside Belarus.  CONTACTS We deliver our products to any city in Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan through Transport Companies.

Calculation of the cost of delivery Tank Patrol Y60-61

To calculate the cost of delivery of the fuel tank, use the form of the transport company KIT.  In the empty fields, enter the required information given below. Then click the Calculate button.

Technical characteristics of the tank for calculation:

City of departure- Minsk City of receipt – City where it is necessary to calculate delivery (Moscow Perm Ufa etc.) Dimensions – 95cm / 65cm / 35cm Volume – 0.21 meters cubic tank weight – 14kg.

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