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Tank Outlander 2WD. Stainless steel

The next addition to the line of our fuel tanks for Mitsubishi cars was the Outlander tank. This tank model fits the first generation of Outlanders. Moreover, only on mono-drive versions of these cars. These are cars produced from 2003 to 2007. "<yoastmark

Characteristics of the tank Outlander 2WD:

Material – Stainless alloy AISI-430 (GOST–08Х18) Drive – Front capacity – 60 liters. Steel thickness – 1.2 mm. Weight – 11 kg. Partitions – No Retaining cup – Yes Drainage plug – Yes The thickness of the mounting brackets – 2 mm. Number of mounting points – 4 (original) Installation of the native fuel gauge-intake – YES Installation of the native neck – YES Warranty period – 2 years.

Buck Outlander.Distinctive Features

Since stainless steel is used in the production of our fuel tanks, this gives our products outstanding properties. In this section, we will try to talk about some of the distinctive features of stainless steel tanks in relation to other fuel tanks present on the market. Fuel tank Outlander The first Chromium stainless steel alloy with a polished BA surface (mirror) gives Baku Outlander a corrosion stoicity comparable to more expensive alloys. That's why we give a two-year warranty on the 2WD Tank Outlander. In fact, the service life of a stainless steel tank is measured in decades.

The second

The tank is designed for heavy duty applications. This made it possible to minimize the number of plastic parts involved in its work.  Our tank is not copied from the original, but is designed based on the requirements of operation in conditions of insufficient level of service and lack of original spare parts.

The third

A drain plug has been inserted into the design of our tank. This will allow you to quickly and with minimal time to drain the sludge, poor-quality fuel, water and everything that can get into the tank during refueling.


As part of the output control in our production there is a check for the retention of internal pressure. Every Tank we produce undergoes a pressure test. Thus, this guarantees its tightness. Also, our tank does not need any modification during installation. Installation of our tank, compared to the original, takes less time and effort.


The fuel-holding flask of which is equipped with a fuel tank Outlander prevents the capture of air into the supply system when driving with rolls and on slopes of the road. The place of installation of the fuel level sensor and its coordinates relative to the surfaces of the tank coincide with the original. This ensures the correct readings of the level gauge. buy a tank for an outlander Let us remind you again. The first-generation Tank Outlander is not unified between all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive cars. The tanks on these machines are different!!!                                  And not interchangeable. If with the all-wheel drive version of the tank on the Outlander 2003-2006 release, the matter with the presence of tanks on the market is not so bad. That with a mono-drive version… There are no tanks except for the new original for "space money" and with the same delivery time! The market for used original tanks usually offers parts not much better than a leaky one. That is why we decided to bring to the market Fuel Tank Atlander 2WD

Buy Tank Outlander

To purchase a stainless fuel tank on the first generation 2WD Outlander, please contact us in any way convenient for you.This can be done for free by:


You can also call us: Mob.A1 +375296289915 Megafon +79206621612 Or write to us through the feedback form on the page: CONTACTS

Delivery of our tank

Delivery of our fuel tanks is carried out with the help of the Transport Company, to any region of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and any country of the EAEU member. There are our partners and Lithuania and Ukraine.  To clarify the cost and time it will take delivery, please contact us or use the calculator of the Transport Company KIT GTD by filling in the necessary information specified below and clicking the calculate button.

Input tank parameters:

City of departure- Minsk City of receipt – City where it is necessary to calculate delivery Dimensions – 70cm / 20cm / / 50cm Volume – 0.07 meters cubic meter Tank weight – 11kg.

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