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1710A356 Neck plastic stainless steel Pajero 3 Pajero4
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The neck of the Pajero. Original

Like the tank, on the third and fourth generations of the Pajero, the Fill neck is another problem spot. It would seem, what can happen to an iron pipe? And how might it affect the fuel system?  Very simple. First things first. Pajero Filler Neck Nearby, in parallel with the neck, (welded to the neck) there are three more tubes of smaller diameter, two breathers and an overflow tube. All this intricate design as well as the tank is covered with plastic protection. And ten inches away from it spins the wheel of your Pajero. Over the years of operation, everything that lifts the wheel from the road (sand, salt, road reagents) is stuffed under protection. Sometimes the layer of sand and dirt is such that behind it you can not see the filling neck itself. Pajero Filler Neck This is the impact of the Filling Neck of the Pajero 3 .4 on the operation of the entire system as a whole.  Are you wondering why the "Water in the Fuel Filter" lamp lights up so often?   Of course, if the sensor is not broken))) . According to our statistics, 80 percent of the Pajero 3.2 DID are operated with a faulty water sensor in the fuel filter. Sensor-moisture-injection pump-Pajero-3.2-DID-ME190711.jpg As they say, everything was fine when suddenly the fuel pump broke! That's usually the way it is.  A clear sign of the failure of the filler neck is the appearance of traces of fuel after refueling (especially "under the traffic jam") under the car in the area of the rear right wheel. This applies to both the third and fourth generations of the Pajero.

The neck of the Pajero. Stainless steel

1710A356 Neck plastic stainless steel Pajero 3 Pajero4 At the moment, the most reliable and inexpensive replacement for the rusting original is the stainless steel filler neck. It was designed by us to solve the issue of corrosion once and for all.  And our neck copes with the task perfectly! MR342818 Stainless Steel Filler Neck Pajero 3 Pajero4 Original vs Stainless Steel

Second advantage

The thickness of the material from which our stainless neck is made is one and a half higher than the thickness of the original and its Chinese copies.  For example, the main pipe has a thickness of 1.5 mm. That additionally adds mechanical strength and resistance to damage to the neck (blows with stones and other foreign objects). 1710A223 Stainless steel filler neck Pajero 3 Pajero4

Third advantage

Our stainless steel fuel filler neck exactly follows the shape of the original and has all the necessary points for attaching native protection. MR959772 Stainless steel filler neck Pajero 3 Pajero4. Production of RB.

Fourth advantage

Our gas tank neck is mounted on all original attachment points.  And during its installation, native branch pipes and hoses are used. You don't need to buy anything. This also applies to the gas tank plug.  The cork remains original. MN139504 Filler Neck Plastic Stainless Steel Pajero 3 Pajero4 Gasoline Diesel

Fifth advantage

Our product does not need any processing.  The neck is supplied ready for installation and operation. Which greatly reduces and simplifies the process of installing it on your Pajero. MR342818 Stainless Steel Filler Neck Pajero 3 Pajero4 Original MR342818

Sixth advantage

Important. The cost of our neck is comparable to the cost of the original neck. And it will last much longer. MR512289 and MS605158 Stainless Steel Filler Neck Pajero 3 Pajero4

Customer reviews of The Neck Pajero 3, Pajero 4

Our customer's feedback on the Our other customer's testimonial on the And another Pajero owner has installed our products on his car Neck Pajero Stainless Steel Protection Pajero neck stainless steel . Original protection is installed. Our company produces not only filling neck. Below are links to some of the details and services we can offer for the Mitsubishi Pajero. Pajero Fuel Tank 3 Pajero 3 Pajero 4 Pajero 4 Engine Pan Pajero Fuel Tank Pajero Sport 1 Fuel Tank Pajero Sport 2. Fuel Tank Pajero 2 Tank Patrol Y60-Y61 We will gladly help your Pajero get rid of many ailments! The main thing is your desire. Repair Injection Pump Pajero 3 4m41 3.2 DID Zexel 2000-2007 Adjustment Nozzles Pajero 3.2 DID Does not heat the stove! Radiator heater Pajero 3 Pajero 4 Pajero3 Engine temperature arrow Pajero3 Anticore

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