Fuel tank Pajero Sport 2


Tank Pajero Sport2 Stainless Steel 1700A478 1700A479 1700B019 1700A754

Buck Pajero Sport2 2008-2016 Stainless steel. Produced by PSM Belarus

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The range of products of our company is constantly expanding. The pajero Sport 2 stainless steel fuel tank is another tank offered by us as a reliable replacement for the original tank from Mitsubishi.

Characteristics of our Tank on Pajero Sport 2. 2008-2016 years of release.

Material – Stainless steel AISI-304 (GOST – 08Х18Н10) Capacity – 88 liters. Wall thickness – 1.2 mm. Weight – 14 kg. Petrol/Diesel – Yes Partitions – No Fuel retaining cup – No Drain plug – Yes (M8Х1.25) Thickness of mounting brackets – 3 mm. Number of mounting points – 4 (original) Installation of native protection – No Installation of the native fuel meter-intake – Yes Installation of the native neck – Yes Warranty – 5 years.

Fuel tank on Pajero Sport 2. Original.

But first, a little history. On this page we are talking about fuel tanks on the second generation Pajero Sport. This SUV rolled off the assembly line from 2008 to 2016.  These machines have proven themselves well in terms of engine reliability, transmission and chassis. Fuel tank Pajero Sport 2 stainless steel 1700A478 1700A479 1700B019 1700A754

Fuel tank Pajero Sport 2. It's stainless.

We solved the problem. Having made a replacement for the original tank. Our tank is designed and manufactured taking into account many years of experience in the service, repair and operation of Mitsubishi SUVs.  With full responsibility we can say that our tank will outlive the car on which it will be installed. Filling pipes tank pajero sport 2 Not only that. He will keep the fuel system of the car in perfect order. After all, it will store fuel. And not to change its composition and properties due to the rust of water and other impurities.  Even after decades, it will be exactly the same condition as at the time of installation.  This is guaranteed to save the owners of the car from the need to "solve the issue with the tank" in the future. In other words, our tank is likely to outlive the car itself. Pajero Sport Tank Intake2 Below we will give a few advantages of our stainless steel tank. Tank Pajero Sport 2 Diesel Our fuel tank has an increased capacity of 18 liters in relation to the original.  Increased volume of 88 liters. Fuel tank pajero sport stainless steel The strength of the stainless alloy from which our Pajero Sport 2 tank is made is 1.6 times higher than the material of the original tank. "<yoastmark Our tank has a drain plug. This allows you to solve the problem of bad fuel that has fallen into the tank.  There is no drain plug in the original. Tank Pajero Sport 2 The tank is installed on the car without any modifications and alterations. Installation on all original mounting points. "<yoastmark Corrosion protection is performed by the properties of the material from which the tank is made, "<yoastmark With a filling volume of 88 liters, the weight of the tank does not exceed 14 kilograms.[ /caption] The fuel tank is supplied ready-to-install. There is no need to wash or paint or adjust anything. "<yoastmark When replacing the tank, we recommend changing the fuel receiver as well. It is not superfluous to say that by now our tanks have established themselves as the best replacement for the original. Our products are well known not only in Belarus and Russia, but also in other countries.

Stainless steel tank is the best protection against corrosion!

We are constantly expanding the range of products with its constant quality.

Buying a Tank Pajero Sport 2

For a detailed consultation and purchase of our tanks, use the free services: Viber WhatsApp or the feedback form. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also buy our products from us in Minsk or from our representatives outside Belarus.  On the CONTACTS page you can find phone numbers of our partners in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and other cities.We deliver our products to any city in Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan through Transport Companies.

Calculation of the cost of delivery Of the Baka Pajero Sport 2

To determine the price of delivery of the padero Sport 2 tank, use the form of the transport company KIT.  In the empty fields, enter the information given in the next paragraph. After that, click the Calculate button.

Technical characteristics for calculation:

City of departure- Minsk City of receipt – City where it is necessary to calculate delivery (Moscow Kaliningrad Novosibirsk etc.) Dimensions – 80cm / 50cm / 40cm Volume – 0.16 meters cubic weight of the tank – 14kg. Payment for delivery is made upon receipt of the parcel in the Transport Company.

To view our product catalog below are the links: Pajero Fuel Tank 3 Pajero 4 Fuel Tank Pajero Sport 1 Fuel Tank Pajero 2 Fuel Tank Patrol Y60-61 Throat Pajero 3 Pajero 4 Neck Pajero Sport 1 Engine Tray Pajero 4M41 Buck Pajero Stainless Steel. Gallery of tanks. In addition to the production of fuel tanks, we are engaged in the repair and maintenance of Pajero. https://pajeroservices.com/repair-pajero/

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