Enlarged Tank L200 Mitsubishi 2006-2015. Stainless steel

Fuel tank Mitsubishi L200 2005-2016. L202. Stainless steel. mn120096, mn120095, 1700b015, 1700a590, 1700b015, 1700a575, 1700b064, mn120094.
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The operating conditions of the Mitsubishi L200 often lead to accelerated corrosion of a number of car elements. Most often, the frame, bottom and fuel tank suffer from corrosion. An unpleasant breakdown in the form of a tank leak can catch L200 lovers at the most inopportune moment. We specialize in manufacturing stainless steel products to solve problems related to corrosion of fuel systems for more than 5 years. Expanding the range of our products, we bring to your attention an enlarged stainless steel tank for Mitsubishi L200 2006-2015 model years. Tank Mitsubishi mn120096 mn120095 1700b015 1700a590 1700b015 1700a575 1700b064 mn120094

Enlarged tank L200 2006-2015.                    Specifications

  • Material of manufactureStainless steel AISI-304 (GOST -08Х18Н10)
  • Tank capacity – 92 liters
  • Wall thickness1.2 mm
  • Weight – 10 kg
  • Petrol / Diesel – Yes
  • Partitions No
  • Fuel retaining cup No
  • Drain plug Yes
  • Thickness of mounting brackets2.5 mm
  • Number of mounting points4 (original)
  • Ability to install native protectionNo
  • Using a native fuel gauge – Yes
  • Native Neck Installation – Yes
  • Installation of native intake Yes
  • Fuel intake diesel stainless steel Yes
  • Warranty – 5 years

Replace with the following numbers: mn120096, mn120095, 1700b015, 1700a590, 1700b015, 1700a575, 1700b064, mn120094.

For the production of an enlarged fuel tank Mitsubishi L200 2006-2015, we use stainless steel AISI-304 (GOST -08X18H10). The strength of this brand of stainless steel is one and a half times higher than the strength of the sheet iron from which the original tank is made. And welding by the TIG method (argon arc welding) ensures the reliability of welds. Fuel tank L200. It's stainless. L202. mn120096 mn120095 1700b015 1700a590 1700b015 1700a575 1700b064 mn120094 For the Mitsubishi L200 model 2006-2015, we increased the volume of the tank to 92 liters, which can certainly be considered a pleasant bonus for outdoor enthusiasts away from civilization. At the same time, our design of the enlarged tank retained the native clearance of the SUV. Our tank is equipped with a drain plug, which will allow you to freely drain the fuel if necessary. Tank Mitsubishi L200 2005-2016. 92 Liters

Enlarged L200 tank. It's stainless. Installation

It is necessary to separately note the ease of installation of our tanks Mitsubishi L200 2006-2015 made of stainless steel and their competitive cost. Mitsubishi L200 2005-2016. Fuel intake.

Purchase and delivery of Mitsubishi L200 tanks

We deliver our tank to any region of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. We have representatives in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and the Baltic countries. Contacts The delivery time from Minsk to the territory of the European part of Russia, as a rule, does not exceed 4-5 days. Delivery to Moscow takes one two working days, and to the Baltic States about a week. You can calculate the cost of delivery by clicking on the link to the website of the transport company Kit, using the "Transportation Calculator" in the menu "Calculate": Calculation of the cost of delivery For a detailed consultation, you can contact us by phone: Call Belarus +375296289915 Call Russia Megafon +79206621612 It's stainless. L202. Installation Tank L200. It's stainless. Reinforced brackets. To place an order for the purchase of a tank for your Mitsubishi L200 2005-2016 stainless steel, use the free applications:



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Pajero Service Minsk will help to extend the life of your car by offering the replacement of a number of elements of the fuel system: fuel tank, filler neck, fuel intake, as well as anti-corrosion treatment. To view the galleries of our products by clicking on the link: Gallery of our products About our tank of stainless steel for the previous generation Mitsubishi L200 1996-2007 can be read by clicking on the following link Tank Mitsubishi L200 1996-2007 Our bestseller Fuel Tank on Pajero 2

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