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Reasons for the low efficiency of the heater.   (The Pajero stove doesn't heat up.)

With the onset of cold weather, the owners of the Pajero of the third fourth generation can turn their attention to the low efficiency in the operation of the cabin heater. Most versions of the Pajero of these years of release are equipped with two heaters front main and rear additional. But even these two sources of heat are becoming scarce. And the phrase does not heat the Pajero stove becomes relevant. The lack of heating is directly proportional to the decrease in ambient temperature. Which is not surprising!

Heater radiator. Why doesn't the Pajero stove heat up

We want to note that the diesel engine on the Pajero of the third fourth generation is itself "heavy to warm up". At the air temperature outside -5 degrees, to force the engine temperature needle to take a horizontal position (80-90 C) you need to drive in active mode for at least 10-15 minutes. It's to pass. If the Pajero after winding is left to work at idle, the engine will need to fully warm up for at least half an hour.   All this time, even an absolutely serviceable heater cannot work with full heat transfer. With the warm-up mode it is clear, but why does not the Pajero stove heat up on the engine heated to operating temperature? Last winter, Grela! Not now!

The reason for the loss of efficiency of Pajero heaters is the clogging of the furnace radiator honeycomb.

It's as simple as that. Pajero owners need to try to remember those hot summer days when the issue of the efficiency of the heater did not interest them at all. And they were interested in where does the antifreeze go from the engine cooling system? Not fast, about a liter of two a week. And why doesn't the air conditioner work? As practice shows, Heat in winter is more valuable than Cold in summer. 🙂 The second question in this article is of little interest to us. We'll talk about it another time. But the question of the disappearing "to nowhere" tosol is directly related to the phrase "The Pajero stove does not heat". In search of a leak, some owners even visited services and car repair shops. Some searched for the leak themselves…     And as is usually the case, they didn't find it. But themselves, or on the advice of the master, found the Miracle sealant of the cooling system. Imported! It's not mustard in a glass of water.   We think everyone already understands what we are heading towards. Heater radiator. Why doesn't the Pajero stove heat up Heater radiator. Replacement. Pajero 3. In most cases, the reason for the loss of efficiency of the third-fourth generation Pajero heaters lies in the clogging (to a complete obstruction) of the furnace radiator honeycomb. The sealant that was actually Imported! The rear stove suffers to a greater extent, but the front stove also "gets". And as old-timers, Pajero owners know and newcomers are already beginning to suspect.   In Pajero repair, there is always one "BUT". As a rule, it is so unpleasant or expensive. Cry though.   The stove on the Pajero is no exception. There are two. First, the Radiator of the stove in nature exists only the Original. Very expensive! And the BU can be clogged even worse than yours (and you can't look inside through the tubes). And you will understand this only when you put … And my feet are freezing. And the glass doesn't thaw. Second, that would change the radiator of the stove, the one that does not heat the left half, and the right one seems to even chill! you need to disassemble and remove the entire Dashboard. See photo. We can handle a shortened lunch in one working day. The sealant was much quicker to use. Isn't it?

We guarantee that in one working day, we will return the heat to the cabin of your Pajero.

But even by changing the radiator of the heater (front) you can very soon notice a decrease in the efficiency of the stove. Again? Again, some Pajero owners go through this. And we know how to avoid that. We guarantee that in one working day we will return the heat to the salon of your Pajero for a long time. To do this, we have everything you need, knowledge of skill and of course the necessary details. And the phrase "The Pajero stove does not heat" you will forget for many years. Well, until the next experiment with the sealant of the cooling system. ) KONTAKYOU

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