Protection of The Pajero wheel arches.

Protection of The Pajero wheel arches. Necessity.

A great help in the fight against corrosion of the body is the plastic (additional) protection of the wheel arches of the Pajero.  This protection is also called – fenders.  The fact is that the original protection of the arches on the Mitsubishi Pajero of the third and fourth generations looks more than modest.  It can be called protection with a great stretch. Additional protection for the wheel arches of the Pajero 3 If we talk about the front wheel arches, the native protection covers the arches by no more than 20-30 percent of the area of the arches themselves! And the rear wheel arches on the Pajero release from 2000 to the present day are not at all protected from external atmospheric influences.  On the rear right arch of the Pajero there is a narrow plastic protection. According to the designers, it should protect the fuel filler neck from dirt and salt. But it does not cope with this task. Clicking on the link you can see how badly the original protection works. Protection of Pajero wheel arches Rear protection of the Wheel Arch Pajero. Also the result of poor performance of native fenders are significant pockets of corrosion on the body of the Pajero in the area of the interface of the rear passenger doors and wheel arches. By the age of ten, the car, as a rule, surface corrosion turns into through corrosion. As a result, abundant "bugs" and holes right in front of the eyes of the passenger opening the rear door of the SUV. Pajero wheel arch protection Things are no better with the front arches. Here, the wheel arches rot in the Pajero in the area of the headlights and the pairing of the motor shield with the mudguard. The result is constant dirt and salt stains in the engine compartment. Such conditions can not but affect the resource of all components and parts located in the engine compartment. This is the premature failure of electrical connectors and the rusting of almost all fasteners. Everything suffers from the battery to the air conditioner tubes.

Additional protection of the wheel arches of the Pajero eliminates corrosion of a significant part of the body.

If we generalize about half of the malfunctions of the third and fourth generation Pajero are associated with corrosion of parts located outside the car and under the hood! That is why we strongly recommend that all Pajero owners take the issue of protecting their Pajero from corrosion as carefully and responsibly as possible.  A necessary step in this is the installation of additional protection of the Pajero wheel arches. It is useful to do this both on cars without traces of corrosion and on frankly rusty cars. In both cases, the spread of chemical reagents from winter roads along the body of the car will be markedly reduced.

Additional protection of the Pajero wheel arches. Installation.

It should be noted that the greatest effect of preserving the body is obtained when installing the protection of the wheel arches of the Pajero after anicorosion treatment of the entire car.  But nevertheless, a separate installation of fenders is able to slow down the process of spreading rust.

Fenders also work as noise insulation.

Before installing additional protection, we unconditionally wash the wheel arches and adjacent areas. The purpose of this procedure is to clean the protected surfaces from dirt salt and other elements "eating" the Body of the Pajero. Otherwise, the corrosion process would proceed at the same pace. At the request of the owner, we produce anti-corrosion treatment of the wheel arches themselves with Antikor of Swedish production. And only after that we consider it possible to establish additional protection. With its shape, the additional protection of the wheel arches of the Pajero completely repeats all the curves of the surface of the arches, which is why it looks quite aesthetically pleasing and inspires confidence. Practice shows that dirt and sand do not penetrate under our fenders even after years of operation of the Pajero. All body parts under them are reliably protected. Our Pajero wheel arch protection works not only as a tool to combat corrosion, but also as an excellent means of noise insulation. The noise from the rotation of the wheels heard in the cabin of the Pajero, practically disappears with the installation of our wheel arch protection.  As noise insulation works and the plastic of the fenders and the air gap formed between the surface of additional protection and the surface of the arch itself.  This is another plus in favor of additional protection of the Pajero wheel arches. We will gladly help protect your four-wheeled pet. Contacts

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