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Stainless steel fuel tank gallery

In this section of our website you can find and study in detail photos of all stainless steel products produced by our company. The video has useful tips that will help you correctly and quickly make the procedure for replacing your old tank with a Buck Pajero stainless steel.

Pajero fuel tank. Long base. Petrol

This tank is installed on all standard mounts. The tank is suitable for any petrol Pajero 3-4 2000-2018 model years. Not GDI injection. Increased volume of 96 liters. Installation of the original tank protection (need to be trimmed). All fittings: Fuel filter, pump, fuel intake, fuel meter, coup valves are mounted from the old (original) tank.

Pajero fuel tank. Short base. Petrol

In this video, we prepare to install the tank on the court version of the Pajero. Gasoline engine with GDI injection system. Tank capacity increased to 80 liters. All other characteristics of this tank borrows from its long-wheelbase brother brother, By the way, on all tanks of the brand PSM (Pajero-Service-Minsk) there is a drain plug.

Pajero fuel tank. Long base. Diesel

Pay special attention to the next episode. It is about the best-selling diesel five-door version of the tank. This tank has a built-in fuel intake. The tank is suitable for any diesel version of the Mitsubishi Pajero 2000-2018 release. Capacity 97 liters. This tank is specially designed for heavy duty applications. When installing from the original tank, only the fuel level sensor is used.  Pay special attention to the tips for connecting the filler neck. It is important to properly connect and lay the overflow and ventilation hoses of the tank.

Bak Stainless steel.Owner's review.

You can also see the photos of our tanks on the Drive2.ru For more detailed technical information and ordering parts, click on the links below. https://pajeroservices.com/gorlovina-pajero-2/ Pajero Fuel Tank 2 Filling Neck Pajero 3.4 Pajero 3.4 Filler Neck Pajero Sport Fuel Tank Pajero Sport 1 To order products from stock In Minsk, use any of the following methods: Viber +375296289915 WhatsApp +375296289915 or feedback form. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] To purchase parts from our partners, use the phone numbers of our representatives on the CONTACTS page In addition to the production of stainless steel parts, we have been servicing and repairing Mitsubishi SUVs for more than 15 years. During this period of time, we have perfectly studied and found methods to combat many of the "sores" of these machines. A list of some of the problems of these machines can be found by clicking on the links: Pajero Malfunctions 4 Replacement of the Pajero Hub Bearing 3, 4. Pajero3 Pajero3 Engine Temperature Arrow The stove does not heat! Radiator heater Pajero 3 Pajero 4 Leak steering gearbox Pajero Sport Adjustment Nozzles Pajero 3.2 DID We use our experience not only in the production of products. We not only sell and install our products on cars, but we are engaged in a complete repair factor. From oil change to Anticor. We work with your SUV at the dealer level. And on some points and surpass the capabilities of the Original Service Center.

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